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In 21 st century social medias became an important  part in the search engine promotion of sites, advertising, communication, entertainment and fun. Though it is very important to keep in mind that if you want to be successful blogger, you need to stick to several rules.

1 Explore your area of knowledge and discuss world events and news, pranks, jokes, sing, dance  etc.  but create individual style and approcah, try not to copy anyone.
Try to post interestting, constructive and respectful info and comments, i.e., do not post irrelevant, disrespectufull, violent or abusive advertisements — that can get you in trouble so  your followers will become unfollowers.

3  Make a plan and prepare video or text  you post in advance, think carefully, be very responsive and active,  friendly with followers, dont go into arguments and be polite even if you do not agree with haters or just negative people, maybe they just had a bad day, and if you decide actually to go info arguments- stay till the end and stand your ground professionally. Respect privacy and materials ownership,  otherwise it may have legal consequences.Post events and go live every day.

The last most popular social media is TikTok and if you you decided to creat account and open your channel these pieces of  advice  can be useful as well. If you wish to promote your channel and get tiktok views you need to search for some agencies which help to do it, use  professionals, dont stick to low level services.

TikTok rules:

-to be maximum open

-to be maximum truthful

Dont try to be someone else, dont be afraid to be boring or sad, people feel fakeness very well even  during online talks.

Some algorithms you need to learn about:

You must monitor search engines results, select importnat info you want to post where company’s approach and presence is very small.You need to make weekly analysis of forums, identify some active users, check their status, intersts and preferences.

Create separate themes on different topics, for exampla «Friday sport talk»  or «Musical Monday» etc. You need to be constant participant in ongoing discussions, try to answer all questions followers ask as well.

There are some pros and corns of social networks. And disadvantages are:

-hard to assess results, sometimes number of comments or views is not indicator of your permanent popularity, it can be just temporarily spike with zero activity  and interest tomorrow.

-absence of any control. Some advertisement or videos can cause negative reaction, also some doubtful information with not confirmed cources can cause information security breach and you may loose popularity fast.


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